a Division of Nkem DenChukwu Inc. 

Our vision is to transform people, children, young and old, regardless of race, gender, ethinicity...through written words and motion pictures.

So, we created LIFE LESSONS, a collection of Inspirational children's books, written with every child in mind. Childhood orientation plays a key role in every child's mind and life.  As we think, we do. Therefore, through early literacy, through the life lessons we create in these books, we help build a solid foundation in a child's life, to thrive long term. We aspire to change the mindset of more than one child at a time.  

Remember, every child is always in need of being nurtured. When you give the gift of reading to a child, you would have had opened up and nurtured his/her mind. And then, the possiblities of impacting his/her future are endless.

Last, but not the least, through lenses of a camera,COYOTE STUDIOS make movies, not excuses. We make engaging and entertaining Motion Pictures.Dedicated to bringing relaity-based experiences,fiction or non-fiction, words, and actions to life, is our business.